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THE ROOT CAUSE OF DISEASE (PART 1 OF 2)(see PULLING THE ROOTS OF DISEASE for the SOLUTION)"Anybody that claims that disorder provides only one cause, which prescription drugs andsurgery will be the solution, is definitely DEAD WRONG." Dr. Ward Coleman, N.D.Unhealthy aging and health conditions on the human body techniques (such because cancer, heartdisease, diabetes, immune dysfunction, etc.) are MULTI-CAUSAL.Extensive healthcare investigation simply by Four Mountains, Inc. has revealed thefollowing TOP TEN "ROOTS OF DISEASE" (and his or her solutions).Note which these kinds of TOP TEN creates associated with illness will be INTERCONNECTED and manifestSIMULTANEOUSLY in various certifications under ALL disease associated with ANY sort.PROBLEM: THE ROOT CAUSES OF DISEASE: THE TOP TEN1) Chronic unconscious as well as psychological suffering, problems in addition to stress.2) Toxemia3) Autonomic Dysrhythmia4) Oxidative Stress5) Killer Food6) Chronic Dehydration7) Touch Depriva tion8) Tissue Oxygen Starvation9) Chronic Inflammation, Lesions in addition to Restrictions10) Structural SubluxationsSecondary Processes:Primary, upstream creates employ a worldwide effect for the body/mind which thenleads to many secondary, downstream processes. Ignored and uncorrected theroots associated with ailment increase inside a progressive, snowballing fashion. Like fallingdominos, a great number of signs or symptoms show itself through the entire total body. Treatingthe large number of superficial symptoms, in addition to disregarding the particular more deeply (upstream)roots with asymmetry is often a misdirected, expensive as well as in the end ineffective endeavor.11) Endocrine Dysregulation12) Immune Dysfunction13) Inherent Weaknesses-----------------------------------------COMMENTARY: THE ROOTS OF DISEASE1) Chronic mental health and emotional suffering, discomfort along with stress.At times, most people experiences thought and also emotional turmoil. For many it's the easiest way involving life. Chronic worry, heartache, loss, disappointment in addition to paintake a toll about the spirit as well as deplete critical force, depress immunity, disrupthormones along with biorhythms. Childhood stress, relationship stress, jobstress... everthing adds up allowing it to consider your whopping toll in your health. It's afact, pressure kills.2) ToxemiaIngested toxins, environmental toxins, metabolic toxins... by themillions. From your dry out cleaners in addition to backyard chemicals towards food business and'sick making syndrome', we've been all uncovered for you to more harmful bacteria when compared with you can easliy shakea cling at. This was in accessory into the toxic compounds people produce as aby-product connected with work, training and STRESS. Over the time the particular body'selimination of harmful toxins can be inadequate to deal with that load. Disease canresult whenever excessive toxins acquire in our cells along with blo ck normalfunction. Most notably, most of us come across men and women put up with with noxious blood, lymph,intestines, liver, kidneys/bladder, voice and sinuses.3) Autonomic DysrhythmiaModern culture is definitely 'sympathetic dominant'. This can be a serious dysfunctionthat can be nearly ubiquitous, which affects also our family members pets. No joke.Sympathetic dominance is usually situated if the nerve fibres will be dominated bystress in addition to that classic fight/flight physiology. Volumes regarding Nobel Prizeresearch stand while testament on the indisputable fact that an overactive sympatheticnervous system prospects in order to quicker ageing and disease.4) Oxidative StressA rusty nail, a browning apple, grow older spots to the hands... it is all thesame. Free radicals are already the subject of extensive research along with theevidence is clear in which oxidative tension will not merely corrode your own pipes, or even spoilyour food, totally free radicals compl ete exactly the same factor inside our bodies, essentiallyrusting some of our bodily organs from your indoors out. Laboratory testing about 100s ofthousands involving individuals provides demonstrated of which oxidative strain can be a verywidespread plus produces a great internal atmosphere beneficial toward illness,disease many belonging to the facing outward indications of harmful aging.Primary options with cost-free radicals: hyper or non-specific stimulation ofthe body leads to excess concentrations with hypochloriteproduction, direct exposure to waste (xenobiotics) which often result in the actual liver and theadrenal cortex, reactions of which require the cytochrome P450 enzyme reactionsystem, exposure to radiation both electromagnetic or even by way of ionizing,excessive pressure which through neuro-transmitters in addition to modulators power boththe the immune system plus endocrine programs to offer destructive radicals.5) Killer FoodHow can certainly some sort of region well known for overeating protein, carbs as well as fathave much more poor inside essential nutrients? The respond to usually most of us areeating so many 'empty calories' from food items grown within lowered top soil,coupled together with increased processing and refining.Americans, small in addition to old, suffer from a number of find mineral, macromineral in addition to vitamins deficiencies. Most popular inadequacies includemagnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, B complex, vitamins C, nutritional E, essentialfatty acids and also different amino acids.Additionally, the particular Standard American Diet leads to maintain sugardysregulation, hormonal disorders, acidosis, and gi tract overloadand weakness. The net profit is the typical individuals diet is actually killingthem throughout more tactics as compared to one. Despite many mass media awareness along with books fromour nation's prime nutritionary gurus, many folks with this countryare however digging their particul ar graves using their teeth.6) Chronic DehydrationWhen most of us don't drink enough wholesome fluids all of us turn into dehydrated. Theproblem is always that you are able to possibly be dried out about frequently formany years instead of actually understand it. This subsequently translates into constant and severehormonal pressure that will turns straight in order to discomfort along with disease. Research indicatesthat an easy drinking water deficit afflicts many millions of Americans.7) Touch DeprivationDetachment style parenting, body issues, and also neglect in the bodypromotes an ailment referred to as 'touch deprivation'. For enormous peoplethis is really a condition to only accept. However, that strain as well as problems thatresults will be extra when compared with most people can certainly clean and drives them to help extreme anddesperate behaviour in an unconscious hard work in order to solution a touch deficiency.However, there is absolutely no replace to get t ouch. Without sufficient body to be able to skincontact humans turn into highly imbalanced, as well as psychologically andphysically diseased.8) Tissue Oxygen StarvationNinety percentage with Americans usually are oxygen starved as well as eighty percent ofthese will not actually comprehend it. The cause because of this frequent trouble istwofold. First, few in the event almost any of people can be taught nutritious breathinghabits, we all basically ignore this many together. The minute reason is because of apredominantly household (and sedentary) lifestyle. Living inside schools,offices, homes, cars, in addition to browsing malls coupled with unconscious shallowbreathing produces hypoxia, in addition to hypoxia is definitely anaerobic affliction of which breedsinfection, cancer, coronary heart disease, inflammation/pain and also persistent fatigue.9) Chronic Inflammation, Lesions and RestrictionsMost, or even all, men and women experience together with various inflammations , lesions andrestrictions throughout their different membranes, connective tissues, muscles,ligaments, tendons in addition to organs. Not simply do most of these inflammations and lesionslimit flexibility in addition to motility, they also include significantly for the body's totalstress load, plus commonly become the internet site pertaining to acquired poisons andfuture cancers. Preventing sickness as well as making ideal health and fitness necessitatesthat all of us find and also eradicate these kinds of physical problems.10) Structural SubluxationsGravity, injuries, seated in chairs, poor shoes, along with terrible pose canall cause spine and also bowl mis-alignment, which in turn turns toneuro-muscular, multiple wood and method dysfunction. Autopsy researchindicates that will practically in most cases, impaired organs usually are immediately linked tosubluxated vertebra. Subluxations in the cranial joint capsules (sutures) have alsobeen proven to cause severe dysfunctio n inside body, head in addition to behavior. Foroptimal health and also disease prevention, aiming in the complete body is vital.-----------------------------------------Secondary Processes:11) Endocrine DysregulationThe endocrine (or hormonal) technique are on the list of master techniques of thebody, controlling almost all simple metabolic processes. As this root base connected with diseasetake keep in one's body the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal (HPA Axis)becomes imbalanced as well as the body will begin to shed the ability for self-defenseand self-repair. Thyroid, pineal, pancreas, ovarian and testicular problemswill grow manifesting too much and poor riding a bike of hormones. Thespectrum associated with symptoms that result from endocrine dysregulation is definitely vast.In general, should you have hormonal problems, it is just a miscalculation that will think thatthe principal issue is actually when using the gland itself. For example, thyroid problemsare common , however it will be wrong in order to assume that it is really a principal thyroid disease,as this really is rarely this case. When that deeper (upstream) imbalances have got beencorrected, your hormonal program can certainly return to balance. Ignoring the beginnings ofdisease and taking laddish behaviour will be completely wrong approach. Balancing endocrinedysregulation by tugging this lower beginnings of disease, will be the correctapproach.12) Immune DysfunctionThe body isn't going to 'have' a good disease fighting capability up to the idea 'is' an immunesystem. When ALL our body's programs usually are operating correctly we are immuneto infection, health issues plus disease. And when our own bodies methods are deeplyimbalanced most of us cannot properly reject infection, illness anddisease. Building a robust vigor as a result suggests that individuals needto pull each of the beginnings of illness in addition to take care of this WHOLE person.13) Inherent WeaknessesThi s will be in which each of our genetic constitution penetrates the actual picture. If your familytree proposes a history with poor lungs, livers, kidneys, the possibilities are usually wehave inherited these similar weaknesses, no matter what they will are. In additional words, youdon't please have your current daddy's eyes and your mommy's chin, you've got theirliver and spleen too! It is definitely said this 'we stop functioning through your inherent weaknesses'.This means that as being the imbalances in the body's persist, the particular wear and tearon each of our organs plus techniques is actually definitely not equivalent throughout. Eventually, it can beour the most sentitive website that eventually snaps. Even if your cardiovascular had a different twentyyears connected with function quit within it, when your lowest website finally breaks, itbrings the remainder from the system along with it. It allows you know your inherentweaknesses in order to be mindful and adjus t your own self-care routineaccordingly.

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